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Publication: Global Algorithmic Capital Markets (Oxford University Press, ed. Walter Mattli)

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Co-author: Dan Marcus (Par FX)


Publication: The Review of International Organizations (V. 14, Issue 1)


Related: Letter to the Editor in the Financial Times 


Publication: The World Economic Forum 

Co-authors: Ngaire Woods, Shubhra Saxena Kabra, Nina Hall, Yulia Taranova, Hugo Batten 


Works in Progress


Publication: The Oxford Handbook of Institutions of International Economic Governance and Market Regulation (Oxford University Press, eds. Eric Brousseau, Jean-Michel Glachant, and Jérôme Sgard)

Co-author: Walter Mattli (University of Oxford)

Revise & Resubmit

Market Structure and Disempowering Regulatory Intermediaries: Insights from U.S. Trade Surveillance

Presentations: Oxford Political Economy of Finance Conference (University College, Oxford); Masters' Speaking Series (University College, Oxford); Department of Politics and International Relations (Oxford); Rothermere American Institute (Oxford)

In Progress

Regulatory Intermediation and International Cooperation: The Case of Transnational Market Abuse

Presentations: European Political Science Association Annual Meeting (Belfast)

In Progress

Trading Venues, Speed Bumps, and Market Structure

Co-author: Hayden Melton